1kg Fair Trade Organic Green Beans


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Home Roaster Fair Trade Organic Green Bean 1kg Pack

Choose one from the following origins:

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic

Considered one of the world’s top specialty coffees. Full body will complex and intense earthy tones.

Colombian Fair Trade Organic

Bright acidity and good body. Very well balanced and clean flavour.

PNG Fair Trade Organic

Earthy body with a fruity aroma. Versatile and well balanced.

Mexican Fair Trade Organic

High grown, fully washed and sun dried.  Medium body and acidity. Sweet with lightly nutty notes and delicate aroma.

Timor Fair Trade Organic

Shade grown in volcanic soil. Sweet fruit and cocoa tones. Well balanced and smooth. Very enjoyable as a single origin.

Peru Fair Trade Organic

Fully washed. Low acidity. Medium body with rich chocolate, spicy and fruity notes.


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Origin Beans

Colombian Fair Trade Organic, PNG Fair Trade Organic, Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic, Mexican Fair Trade Organic, Timor Fair Trade Organic, Peru Fair Trade Organic