Magister ES40 Espresso Machine with MMD6 Grinder

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Magister ES40 Espresso Machine with 12 month warranty.

Main Features:

  • A smaller-size, professional coffee machine
  • Fully automatic dosing buttons and also a manual control option
  • Extract coffee and texture milk at the same time
  • 3 litre built in water tank. No need to connect to mains water.
  • Very easy to install and designed for ease of operation.
  • Top of the line sleek design for homes, small shops, clubs and offices.

Technical Specifications :

  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Automatic dosing control panel
  • Thermic-balance brewing group with solenoid valve
  • Automatic self-level with heating element safety system
  • Water tank with low level system protection
  • 3 Litre tank with water softener connected
  • Safety pressure switch on boiler and pressure gauge
  • Thermostat and safety valve on boiler 
  • One steam arm and one hot water tap
  • Removable large capacity drain tray
  • Mechanical pre-infusion 
Model : ES40
 Dimensions   (mm) : 350mm(H) X 250mm(W) X 460mm(L)
 Boiler   Capacity : 1.5 Litre
 Steam   Arm : 1
Hot Water Tap : 1
 Power   Supply : 1500 W
 Volts : 220/240 V 50/60 Hz Single Phase
 Weight : 20 kg
 Version : 1 Group

Magister MMD6 Grinder

A commercial quality grinder especially for the home and office market. It has a 250gm bean hopper which grinds into a dosing chamber that holds 100gms of espresso ground coffee. Comes with a 12 month warranty.

Main Features:

  • Semi Automatic Burr Doser Grinder
  • Especially designed for home, small offices and light commercial use.
  • Has a bean hopper and also ground coffee dosing chamber.
  • Ideal size to coordinate with a small home espresso machine.

 Technical Specifications:

Model : MMD6
Dimensions   (mm) : 380mm(H)     X 150mm(W) X 240mm(L)
Grinding   Blades : 50mm   Burr Blades
Grinding   Blade Speed : 1400/min     – 1600/min
Ground   Coffee Container Capacity : 100     g
Coffee   Bean Container Capacity : 250     g
Dose   Adjustment : 5.5     – 9 g
Volts : 230     V
Power   Supply : 350w
Weight : 6kg