1kg Home Roaster Origin Green Beans


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Home Roaster Origin Green Beans 1kg pack

You can choose from the following origin beans:

  • Colombian Excelso – Bright acidity and good body. Very well balanced and clean flavour.
  • Guatemala  SHB – Exhibits medium body and rich flavour. Floral acidity with a hint of chocolate or spice.
  • PNG A Grade – Earthy body with a fruity aroma. Versatile and well balanced.
  • Brazil Cerrado Alto Camelo – Clean and well balanced with low acidity. Nutty and caramel tones when roasted light and a         darker roast has hints of chocolate.
  • Indian Plantation A Mysore – Subtle rich flavour with a hint of spice. Moderate body and acidity.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Acclaimed for its sweet flavour and spicy fragrance. Light to medium body, vibrant aftertaste.
  • Kenya AB – Very highly regarded bean. Full body, rich and strong flavour with pleasant acidity and fragrant floral aroma.
  • Costa Rica – Good body with fruity and bright acidity. Very clean and crisp taste.

These are suitable for filter, plunger and espresso.


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Origin Beans

Colombian Excelso, Guatemala SHB, PNG A Grade, Brazil Cerrado Alto Camelo, Indian Plantation A Mysore, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Indonesian Mandheling, Kenya AB, Costa Rica, Mexican Altura